Description: Are you a gamer? This page is for you! It covers what’s trending and Acessibility is one of them. Email with your comments and suggestions for future articles. Good game! This recording is produced by AIRSLA exclusively for use by individuals who are visually and/or print impaired.   Episode List- Listen Now!

People Magazine

PEOPLE is the #1 source for celebrity news and inspiring stories. We revolutionized personality journalism when we launched in 1974 with a mission to celebrate extraordinary people doing ordinary things and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. (This recording is produced by AIRSLA and its volunteer readers exclusively for use by individuals who are visually and/or … Read more


Esquire Description Tim Simek reads selections from Esquire Magazine, a men’s magazine that takes its content beyond fashion. Topics run a wide range – from beautiful women and interesting men – to sex, new music, and fascinating in-depth pieces on items of national interest.   Episode List- Listen Now!      

LA Arts Show

LA Arts Show   Description The Arts in Los Angeles, in California, and around the world.This podcast is produced by Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles (AIRSLA). These recordings are provided solely for the use of the blind and print impaired. Materials or items read on AIRSLA are the copyright property of the original … Read more

GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine Description; GQ is a popular international magazine for men. AIRSLA volunteers reads articles for us to enjoy.   Episode List- Listen Now!

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest Description In this series of podcasts, AIRSLA readers read you the best of the articles in each month’s  Reader’s Digest Magazine.   Episode List- Listen Now!  

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