How to Listen to Our Podcasts

There are many easy options for listening to AIRSLA’s Second Vision and our other podcasts. Listen on your smartphone, tablet, computer, Alexa or Echo, Google Home, or Victor Reader Stream. Using these devices increases the flexibility and accessibility for you. Read on for sample instructions, using Second Vision as the example.

Image of Alexa, Echo and Echo Show devices
Alexa, Echo and Echo Show devices

Smart Speakers

  • Alexa/Echo – “Play the podcast called Second Vision.”
  • Google Home – “OK, Google, play the podcast called Second Vision.”

Victor Reader Stream

Image of Google Home and Nest devices
Google Home and Nest devices


  • Siri devices – -“Hey Siri, play Second Vision.”

Listen in Your Favorite Podcast Application
Apple, Google, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Overcast… whichever podcast site or app you use, you can listen or subscribe to our podcast for free.

In you podcast listening application, search for Second Vision, and you will see an option to listen or “subscribe.”  Just click the relevant button to listen to the episode that is there on your screen.

You may also have every episode delivered directly to your device  by clicking Subscribe!

When you click “Subscribe” in your podcast program, the system will do the rest. From then on it will automatically retrieve the newest titles once they are available. When you are ready to listen, click a new episode and it will play and download simultaneously.

Image of woman with hedphones listening to a smartphoneDOWNLOAD HELP-SHEET

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