The AIRS Privacy Policy

This page addresses the concerns many web users have for the security of their personal data. AIRS has made every possible effort to ensure that our site is safe to visit and browse; however there are three areas where you might be concerned:

  • The information you submit with our Volunteer form
  • Our use of “cookies”
  • Our use of JavaScript

Volunteer Form Information – AIRS will use the information you submit with your Volunteer form only to keep in touch with you and to judge your suitability for the volunteer positions we have available. Your information will not be made available to any other organization, commercial or non-commercial.

Cookies – We use cookies only to remember your preferences for text size and color relative to the background and to avoid annoying you with audio announcements every time you return to a page which has one. We believe these uses significantly enhance the useability and friendliness of our web site. Cookies provide no inherent security weakness, but have a bad reputation due to overzealous advertisers intent on tracking your visiting and buying preferences. Be assured that AIRS makes no such use of your cookie information. However, if you insist on disabling cookies or have a browser which doesn’t support them, you can still enjoy our web site – but at a reduced enjoyment level.

JavaScript – We use JavaScript executing on your PC only in order to verify that the search box contains at least one key word before the search request is sent to our server. This avoids wasting your time while our search engine searches for nothing and informs you it has found nothing – a reasonable saving of time. If you take the option of disabling your browser’s JavaScript or if your browser doesn’t support it, our search engine still works, but without the time-saving check

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