Science – Airsla

Science contains articles, essays, and other miscellanies not included in our other podcasts. This recording is produced by AIRSLA exclusively for use by individuals who are visually and/or print impaired.   Episode List- Listen Now!

The Atlantic

The Atlantic Description Carrie Gibson selects and reads articles from The Atlantic, America’s foremost source of information on business, politics, culture, technology, food, and national and international affairs.     Episode List- Listen Now!  

Vision Treatment Advances

Vision Treatment Advances Click here for more episodes of this podcast Description Max Flehinger, former AIRSLA President, selects and reads articles on recent advances in vision treatment from prominent vision treatment journals and seminars. Episode List- Listen Now!  

Vision News

Vision News This page has been optimized for faster loading. Click here for the series’ complete archive.   Description Podcasts bringing you news from the leading service organizations in the impaired-vision community. The show includes many series such as Blindness Barrier Breakers, Best in Tech,  NFB special programs and vision loss related topics spanning healthcare, medical … Read more

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest Description In this series of podcasts, AIRSLA readers read you the best of the articles in each month’s  Reader’s Digest Magazine.   Episode List- Listen Now!  

Women’s Health

Women’s Health Magazine Click here for more episodes of this podcast Description Dawnn Leary reads you her selections from Women’s Health, a magazine for women who are smart, positive, active, stylish, sensational and funny; and who see living healthy as an emotional and physical process.   Episode List- Listen Now!    

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