Westways (AAA) Description Kathy Jacinto reads selections from Westways, a magazine produced by the Automobile Club of Southern California for AAA members. celebrates travel, food, and life in Southern California and the world. While this magazine is primarily written with tips for drivers, it contains articles that could be of interest to the low-vision or … Read more


Esquire Description Tim Simek reads selections from Esquire Magazine, a men’s magazine that takes its content beyond fashion. Topics run a wide range – from beautiful women and interesting men – to sex, new music, and fascinating in-depth pieces on items of national interest.   Episode List- Listen Now!      

National Geographic

National Geographic Description Tutu Erikitola selects and reads articles from current issues of the National Geographic Magazine, premier coverage of nature’s wonders.   Episode List- Listen Now!    

National Geographic History

National Geographic History Description National Geographic HISTORY brings us more than 5,000 years of exploration by our forebears. Who were they? How did they live? What was important to them? AIRSLA volunteer, insert-name here, narrates our journey from the past, leading us to a broader understanding of people today and into the future. AIRSLA volunteer … Read more

The Atlantic

The Atlantic Description Carrie Gibson selects and reads articles from The Atlantic, America’s foremost source of information on business, politics, culture, technology, food, and national and international affairs.     Episode List- Listen Now!  

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